The Palais de la Mine

The Palais de la Mine

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A forest loop to be enjoyed on hot summer days.


""This pleasant route brings together a variety of features to interest the whole family, from the flowers growing in the undergrowth and in the clearings, to the rich industrial history of the valley and the discrete wildlife inhabiting our mountains” Benjamin Plumecocq, Vanoise National Park ranger




From the Nancroix - L´Ancolie bus stop or from the adjacent car park, go back up the RD 87 to the first bend and enter a dirt track on your right, past a farm. Cross the Pont Romano on the Ponturin and turn left. Continue for another hundred metres, and in a marked bend to the right, leave the main track for a path on your right following the signpost for ""Mine St Victor"". Follow a well-maintained forest trail to a clearly visible ravine. Leave the trail to gain access to the mine upstream by a small, discreet path. Go back on the trail to continue to a crossing and take the descending branch in the direction of the Palais de la Mine. Follow this direction until you find the site. Visit the discovery trail by following the signs (approximately 30 mins). Then retrace your steps and take the forest track in the direction of Pont Romano. Pass the tree-top adventure park, the tennis court and find ""l´eau salée” (salt water). Continue on the forest track parallel to the Ponturin and pass behind the Lanchettes campsite. After 200 to 300 metres, get back to the Pont Romano.

  • Departure : Ancolie car park, Nancroix, Peisey-Nancroix
  • Arrival : Ancolie car park, Nancroix, Peisey-Nancroix
  • Towns crossed : PEISEY-NANCROIX

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Trail which runs partly along a mountain path, climbing shœs recommended.

A rockslide occurred in 2016 at the Saint Victor mine so difficulties may remain.

Information desks

Maison de Peisey, 73210 Peisey-Vallandry

https://www.peisey-vallandry.cominfo@peisey-vallandry.com04 79 07 88 67

Place de la Gare, 73700 Bourg-Saint-Maurice

https://www.lesarcs.comcontact@lesarcs.com04 79 07 12 57


Shuttle buses run from Landry train station to the village of Peisey-Nancroix. Shuttle buses serve all the hamlets, including Nancroix. The bus stop is located in the hamlet: “Nancroix – L´Ancolie bus stop”.

Access and parking

From Peisey-Nancroix follow the RD 87 in the direction of Nancroix and in the hamlet find the car park adjacent to the Nancroix – L´Ancolie bus stop.

Parking :

Ancolie car park, Nancroix, Peisey-Nancroix


Partially accessible route from Pont Baudin car park (lower part of the route outside the Palais de la Mine)

Emergency number :114

More information

4 points of interest

  • History

    The Mine de Saint Victor

    The Saint Victor mine is one of the mines in operation between the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Galena minerals were extracted with much effort by miners by following thin seams, sometimes on several levels. It was then carried by mule to the Palais de la Mine where it was processed to separate the lead from the silver. The mines were abandoned in 1866 and the channels were knocked down or sealed to avoid accidents.

  • Flora

    Short spurred fragrant orchid

    Not far from St Victor Mine, in a forest aisle, you can see the short spurred fragrant orchid from late June to early July (Gymnadenia odoratissima). This unusual orchid is distinguished from the fragrant orchid (Gymnadenia conopsea) by a stocky spur, the same length as the ovary. It takes its name from the heady vanilla scent exuded by its flowers.

  • History

    The Palais de la Mine and the Larch Alley

    A historical site illustrating the municipality’s mining past. Discovered in 1644, the seam of galena (silver lead sulphide) was exploited up until 1866. An alley of larches leads to the former Ecole Française des Mines, which was headquartered there from 1802 to 1814. The saw marks on its trees date back to 1891/1892. They testify to an act of vengeance by people convicted of illegal logging.
  • Water

    The locality of “L'eau salée”

    L'eau salée (Saltwater) owes its name to the many minerals contained in the water there, which passed its name on to the locality itself.
    This little corner of paradise is an ideal spot for family outings: there is a little pond for the kids to enjoy and a selection of games on hand to keep them amused while the grown-ups play tennis or simply relax in the shade of the spruce forest, lulled by the lapping of the water.