From Méribel to Courchevel via the Col de la Loze
Mountain bike (electric)
From Méribel to Courchevel via the Col de la Loze

From Méribel to Courchevel via the Col de la Loze

Lake and glacier
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A route between two big resorts against one beautiful backdrop after another, complete with breathtaking views over various peaks!
Amble your way between the resorts of Méribel and Courchevel via the Col de la Loze mountain pass, which culminates at an altitude of 2,304m, and can only be reached by bike! The scenery is truly breathtaking. Along the way: mountain pasture chalets, a lake and stunning viewpoints.


This route meanders between the big resorts of Méribel and Courchevel, which are in turn connected to other routes. The tarmacked Col de la Loze mountain pass takes you from one to the other, along a route that only bikes can use, culminating at an altitude of 2,304m. The scenery is truly breathtaking! The north part of the route runs along a woodland trail in the shade.

Follow the blue waymarks: Col de la Loze.

E-bike rental shops : 

Chaudanne Sport Méribel Mottaret 
Route de la Montée 
73550 Méribel 
+33 (0)4 79 08 89 12

Espace VTT
Croisette Courchevel 1850
73120 Courchevel

+33 (0)6 18 08 18 41
  • Departure : Croisette district in Courchevel 1850 OR Altiport road in Méribel

Altimetric profile


Rando Vanoise has been designed to help you pick and choose your outings, but cannot be held liable where they are concerned. The mountain offers up a wide range of routes and trails for cyclists of all levels, but remember, it is a living, unpredictable environment and it is important that you head out suitably equipped. Ask advice from cycle rental operators.
If in doubt, you can take an introductory lesson in how to ride an electric bike with an instructor.

If you see a herd ahead, slow down and go round it. If there is a patou, a guard dog, climb down from your bike and walk, pushing it alongside you. Avoid making any sudden or aggressive gestures towards the dog and move away from the herd slowly and calmly. The dog will only be checking that you do not pose a threat to its herd. Respect the parkland and close gates behind you after you've gone through them.

The mountain is living, please respect it by staying on the paths and tracks.


Train services run as far as Moûtiers-Salins-Brides-les-Bains. Find out more at:
You can then get a coach to Courchevel 1850 or Méribel Centre
Find out more at:
Have you also thought about car sharing?

Access and parking

From Moûtiers, take the RD915 road to Courchevel 1850 or the RD90 road to Méribel centre.

Parking :

La Croisette car park in Courchevel 1850 (free) OR Rond Point car park (free), Méribel

7 points of interest

  • Know-how

    E-bike rental shop: Espace VTT Courchevel 1850

    Espace VTT
    Croisette Courchevel 1850
    73120 Courchevel

    +33 (0)6 18 08 18 41
  • Pastoralism

    Pralong mountain pasture chalet

    This mountain pasture chalet with its barn was also used as a high-altitude chalet by skiers between 1930 and 1945. After spending the night there, the skiers would then ascend the main surrounding peaks wearing seal pelts - La Vizelle, La Saulire and La Loze - before heading back down to the valley. Summer was the season for livestock farming, and this is still the case today.

    Guided tours organised by the FACIM (Foundation for International Cultural Action in the Mountains) through Courchevel Tourisme.
    Find out more from Courchevel Tourisme.

  • Lake

    Blue lake

    This high-altitude lake with clear waters lies on the Loze plateau at an altitude of 2,244m. It is surrounded by myriad peaks culminating at more than 3,000m and you'll have a wonderful view over La Grande Casse, the tallest summit in the Vanoise and Savoie mountain range (3,855m). With picnic tables available, this is a perfect spot for taking your first break before continuing on up to the Col de la Loze pass.
  • Viewpoint

    Orientation table with view over Mont Blanc

    A little further up, along a small track behind the restaurant Le 1928 is an orientation table - at an altitude of 2,305m. This is a good opportunity to stop a few moments and take in the view over the surrounding peaks. Look closely, in amongst them is Mont Blanc!
  • Viewpoint

    Col de la Loze

    At an altitude of 2,304m, this mountain pass is the third highest mountain pass in Savoie and the connecting route between the Courchevel and Méribel valleys. A stunning panoramic viewpoint awaits with sweeping vistas over the glaciers of La Vanoise, La Grande Casse and Mont Blanc. Motor vehicles are not allowed along this famous pass - since 2019 it has been fully accessible to cycles, and is the highest such pass in Europe incidentally. It combines a woodland trail and track through mountain pastures, retaining the topography of a mountain path with its abrupt changes in slope and gradient. It marks the first stage in a much larger project aimed at making the whole of the 3 Vallées accessible to bikes along the famous "Via 3 Vallées". Steel your calf muscles for some serious action! As an arrival stage on the 2019 Tour de l'Avenir (the Tour de France for U23 riders), the Col de la Loze is an arrival stage in the 2020 Tour de France. This final, 168km stage in the mountains runs from Grenoble to the Col de la Loze. Find out more on the Tour de France website:
  • Pastoralism

    Mountain pasture

    As you go, you'll come across a herd of Tarine and Abondance cows reared for the production of Beaufort cheese. Don't be surprised if you see some on the cycle track, for they have right of way too.
  • Viewpoint

    Viewpoint towards Moûtiers valley

    Just below the take-off runway of Méribel airfield and above the golfcourse is a gorgeous viewpoint over Moûtiers Valley. It's also a start point for other routes from Méribel.