Outing around the Rocher du Glaisy

Outing around the Rocher du Glaisy

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An easy and varied circular route to get used to riding an electric bike along quiet tracks and roads.
An easy and varied circular route to get used to riding an electric bike along quiet tracks and roads.
From Notre-Dame-du-Pré family resort, you'll meander past highland pastures in bloom and La Chaille waterfall, with plenty of scenic viewpoints over the valley and surrounding summits.


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    Credit: Eglise Notre-Dame-du-Pré - aptv_redac



Enjoy a closer look at the fascinating scenery around Notre-Dame-du-Pré on this easy ride. The route first takes you to the hamlet of Pravin through a lovely woodland trail. At the Rocher du Glaisy, hop off your bikes to explore the site. Finish with a gentle, steady downhill section via a range of small mountain roads and tracks. 

Follow the green waymarks: la Boucle du Glaisy.

E-bike rental shops:

Mout'n Bike
328 avenue de la Libération
73600 Moutiers, FRANCE
+33 (0)9 63 25 13 76

Intersport Montalbert
73210 Plagne Montalbert
+33 (0)4 79 09 78 28

  • Departure : Notre-Dame-du-Pré
  • Arrival : Notre-Dame-du-Pré
  • Towns crossed : NOTRE-DAME-DU-PRE

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Rando Vanoise has been designed to help you pick and choose your outings, but cannot be held liable where they are concerned. The mountain offers up a wide range of routes and trails for cyclists of all levels, but remember, it is a living, unpredictable environment and it is important that you head out suitably equipped. Ask advice from cycle rental operators.
If in doubt, you can take an introductory lesson in how to ride an electric bike with an instructor.

If you see a herd ahead, slow down and go round it. If there is a patou, a guard dog, climb down from your bike and walk, pushing it alongside you. Avoid making any sudden or aggressive gestures towards the dog and move away from the herd slowly and calmly. The dog will only be checking that you do not pose a threat to its herd. Respect the parkland and close gates behind you after you've gone through them.

The mountain is living, please respect it by staying on the paths and tracks.


Train services run as far as Moûtiers. Find out more at: www.oui.sncf.com
No public transport services.

Access and parking

From Moûtiers, take the N90 road towards Bourg-Saint-Maurice for 4km, then come off at the Notre-Dame-du-Pré junction and follow the D88 road.
Parking: At the centre of the resort - opposite "La Fruitière" restaurant

Parking :

Notre-Dame-du Pré: At the centre of the resort - car park opposite "La Fruitière" restaurant.

9 points of interest

  • History

    St Marc's Oratory

    This oratory is dedicated to St Mark, the evangelist and bishop of Alexandria. A painting of St Mark used to hang inside, but it had to be removed from the oratory as it was too damaged.
    Do have a glimpse inside though, to see a statue with a crook. This depicts Bernard of Monjoux, the patron of Hauteville village, and was installed in this oratory when Hauteville Chapel closed permanently.

  • Know-how

    E-bike rental Intersport Montalbert

    Intersport Montalbert
    73210 Plagne Montalbert

    +33 (0)4 79 09 78 28

  • Viewpoint

    Panoramic view over Aoste valley

    It's well worth setting aside some time to admire the breathtaking view over the top part of Mont Blanc and the chain of mountains bordering Aosta Valley.
  • Geology

    Rocher du Glaisy

    This is a unique natural site for climbing enthusiasts. It has 230 routes laid out for all levels, amidst unspoilt natural surroundings. You can also bring a picnic and head out for walks !
  • Viewpoint

    Panoramic view over Mont Blanc

    This is a wonderful spot for enjoying a stunning view over Notre-Dame-du-Pré village with, in the background, the mountain ranges of La Lauzière to the west and Mont Blanc to the north.
  • Water

    Lachail bridge and waterfall

    Soak up the refreshing atmosphere of Lachail waterfall. The water that flows here from Le Nant Gelé stream is sometimes turbulent: on 6 August 2018 it broke its banks, entirely destroying the bridge, rebuilt recently.
  • History

    Nativité de la Vierge Church

    The Baroque-style church in Notre-Dame-du-Pré was rebuilt in 1647, changing the way it faced. It boasts the original feature of being "almost square" in shape.
    Open daily: step inside to admire an altarpiece sculpted by Pierre Antoine Marauet after 1847.


  • Architecture

    St Agathe's Oratory

    During a terrible fire back in 1846, the whole of the top part of the municipality was engulfed in the flames. Three people died. The first building below the oven belonged to Marie Revet. On seeing a strong wind blowing the flames towards her house, she ran to fetch the finest of her cows, took it right up to where the fire was raging and vowed to sell the cow if her house was spared and to put the proceeds towards building an oratory to St Agatha. Straightaway the wind changed direction and pushed the flames back to the heart of the fire. True to her word, Marie had an oratory built that can still be seen to this day in the village centre.
  • Small heritage

    Village fête

    On the first weekend of August, an annual traditional fête is held here. It is organised by the municipal sports club together with the village hall, with a different theme chosen every year to inspire the parade that takes place.
    On the Saturday evening, a free dance is organised on the village square along with a firework display.
    On the Sunday, there's a croissant sale, drinks to music, various stalls (including a rifle stand, makeup and a tombola among others) and an exhibition on the same theme as the parade, folk dancing, meal with rustic local produce (diot sausages, polenta, crozet pasta, Beaufort cheese and dessert) and a free dance.